• Daring to Dance

    Daring to Dance

    Johnny Nguyen, Associate Editor

    January 17, 2017

    An entire conversation plays out in junior Rachitha Jadala’s mind. The exact wording between her and theater teacher Ashlee Zoch, the subtle body gestures between these two participants and even the tone of all their words become visions that dance among the thousands of thoughts inside Jadala's head...

    Center stage: Junior and president Rachitha Jadala performs in front of interested students at the informational meeting.

    Madison Buddin

  • Benign Bonds

    Benign Bonds

    Prowler Staff Editorial

    December 8, 2016

    Through emails, Remind and tutorials, students can contact teachers for both academic and personal reasons. Teachers and their relationships with students can be incredibly essential to a student and their education, not only because it can have a positive effect on their achievements, but because it...

  • Beyond Belief

    Beyond Belief

    Syeda Gilani, Editor-in-Chief

    December 6, 2016

    At first senior Kyle Cruz thought it was just one of those rumors that people create for attention. Confused, he scrolled through his Twitter feed, reading every little detail. “When I first heard about it from Twitter, I didn’t want to believe it,” Cruz said. “I was scared out of my mind...

    Together as a team: Cross country students and coach Allison Coburn cry during their final speech at Kelley's memorial.

    Madison Buddin

  • Helping Hand

    Helping Hand

    Mikaela Alvarez, Reporter

    November 24, 2016

    “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words can break my heart,” wrote comedian Bo Burnham, who writes about major world issues. He wrote this particular song about suicide, a rampaging epidemic in today’s society. With teens being so active on social media in the modern age, speaking out about...

  • Avoiding Anonymity

    Avoiding Anonymity

    Syeda Gilani, editor-in-chief

    October 11, 2016

    “An anonymous boy picked John on After School.” “Would you go to a picnic with Alexis?” Showing over 700 Stony Point students online, the After School app allows students to mingle with one another and post anonymous thoughts about their school and their fellow students. While it may seem...

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Nature of Nepal

May 24, 2017

Promoting Their Presence

May 24, 2017

Dreams and Drumheads

Dreams and Drumheads

May 17, 2017

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  • Pep Rally Repression

    The ideal high school experience is commonly filled with football games, face paint, and pep rallies. Much of the student body participates in one way...

  • Coverage Cutback

    Nearly 90% of Americans are covered with health insurance, and 22.1 million of those people are covered with the Affordable Care Act, commonly kno...

  • The Prowler published a feature story covering student Gabriella Briceno’s alleged battle with depression in the March issue. Staff reporter Jenna R...

  • A Conflict of Credibility

    Forming false data and information in a publication or essay is on the rise in academics and journalism. According to Donald McCabe of Rutgers Unive...

  • Insidious Internet

    When teenagers get home from school, one of the first things they do is log onto Facebook and look through their feed, posting, liking, commenting a...

  • Undue Stress

    Undue Stress

  • Crooked Coverage

    Women cry on TV in Columbus, Ohio, protesters march on the Capital’s steps and officials wave flags through the White House lawn, yet no one see...

  • Education Advocacy

    Elliot Weems After any presidential election, the president-elect is required to select new cabinet members. President Donald Trump has already chos...

  • Teaching the Teachers

    Teaching the Teachers

  • Benign Bonds

    Benign Bonds

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