Spirit Scarcity

Students need to acknowledge all sports on campus, attend more games

Prowler Staff

When athletes are compelled to tell their fans that they feel unappreciated and unsupported by an apathetic crowd, things must change.

A recent controversial tweet brought attention to the lack of student spirit for sports. While the school provides opportunities to support each other through spirit circles, pep rallies and game attendance, dwindling spirit continues to provoke student athletes and create tension within the student population.

Although one could argue that some sports deserve more support than others, the heart of the issue lies in the amount of spirit to begin with. Students should go out and increase support of all sports on campus, whether it’s by going out to a game, praising wins and efforts or simply recognizing the importance of our student athletes’ contributions to the school.

Sports are a huge part of school life because of how easily found it is within the student population. For example, out of Stony Point’s 2,600+ students, over 500 are athletes. Sports is something that students care about and are interested in, and students should be reflecting this by showing spirit for all sports, regardless of the team’s size or how important students perceive the sport to be.

By supporting sports on campus, students promote a positive campus environment where no sport is ignored or eclipsed by another. In addition, by urging students to attend games and partake in celebrating team achievements, the school gets to witness the efforts of teams turn into historical accomplishments. The recognition of sports is an opportunity that can improve morale and spirit, unifying the campus in a healthy way.

Although some sports do receive support from accompanying acts such as band or cheer, other sports (such as golf) can only see support through attendance at games, which currently isn’t as large as it could be. Last school year, an average of 89 students showed up to a home district volleyball game, only about 1 out of every 30 students. That may seem decent, but other sports can’t reach similar numbers. Softball, for example, had an average of just 36 students show up to a home district game. More student spirit and participation is necessary to adequately support all sports on campus.

Some students will claim that school spirit is already adequate or that its distribution among sports is not a problem, but ticket sales statistics from the previous school year show most sports averaging at less than 100 students for home district games, and it’s inappropriate to give all publicity to one sport when students can have different interests. An effort must be made to support all the different sports on campus because they all have importance in the eyes of somebody on campus.

Students should support all sports on campus by attending games and acknowledging successes. Student athletes can support athletes who don’t participate in the same sport and help unify all for one goal. Teachers and parents are encouraged to show some spirit for sports, through T-shirts, booster clubs or just spreading the word. Together, the effort can be made to increase school spirit for sports on campus and create an environment where all sports are being adequately backed by the student population.

Correction: The editorial mistakenly suggested that the Tiger Cheer program does not participate at volleyball games, and has been edited to accurately reflect the activities that the cheerleading program is involved with.