On Our Loss

Maribel Ojeda, Journalist

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about the devastating tragedy that happened just a few nights ago. On Friday, December 2nd, Coach Sean Kelley was killed during a hit-and-run while crossing the streets of downtown Round Rock. He was out at Rocky’s Piano Bar with Randy Preston, Stony Point’s assistant choir director, before leaving. When he left, he was about cross Main Street at the intersection of Mays Street, as was a man in a silver pickup truck who’d run a red light. Saddened by this horrible incident, Stony Point High School decided to hold a memorial ceremony to remember Kelley as the amazing man he was.

On Monday, December 5th, the stands at Tiger stadium were filled to the brim with current students, former students, old friends, neighbors, and even Kelley’s dog. Many people shared their memories of Kelley, from funny stories about how he would encourage them to their final moments with him. The Stony Point choir sang and the band played the Iowa State fight song in his memory, all put together in less than 24 hours notice. There were lots of tears, laughter, and celebration of the coach’s life. There was also a GoFundMe page set up in honor of Kelley. All money goes to scholarships in order to help students whos hearts he touched.