Sports Injuries 101

Lexus Palacios, Reporter

Creative Commons Dr. Harrygouvas (modified and updated by FocalPoint)

There are several types of ways someone can get hurt in basketball. To name a few there are ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, muscle strains, and finger injuries. The one that is more treatable on its own, but still needs a doctor is an ankle sprain.An ankle sprain is a tear in the ligaments that hold part of your ankle in place or connect it to the other bones in the leg and foot.

Signs to tell if you could have an ankle sprain:

  • Swelling and pain could occur right away
  • Moving the ankle can be tough
  • Putting weight on the leg can cause discomfort

There are two different types of ankle sprains the first is an Eversion Ankle Sprain and Inversion Ankle Sprain. An Eversion Ankle Sprain tears the deltoid ligaments when the ankle rolls outward. An Inversion Ankle sprain occurs when you twist your foot upward and the ankle rolls inward.

Both are spread into three parts:

  • High ankle sprains — sometimes called “tib/fib” sprains — involve the ligaments that hold your two leg bones together on top of the ankle. A forceful, upward movement of the foot and ankle causes this type of ankle sprain.
  • Medial ankle sprains cause damage to the set of ligaments that keep your foot from rolling outward.
  • Lateral ankle sprains — the most common type — occur when you injure the ligaments that prevent your foot from rolling inward toward the arch.

Some common causes of ankle sprains include:

  • Wearing the wrong type of shoes for your sport. This puts you at risk of twisting your ankle or even falling.
  • Placing unusual stress to the ligament that may have resulted from walking or running on an uneven surface, jamming your foot, or twisting in an odd way.
  • Without proper diagnosis or treatment, an ankle sprain can cause you to either walk crooked, putting weight on it can make it even worse, also it can impede on you performing any regular day activities, including sports routines.

Ways to start the healing process of an ankle sprain:

First, you could use the R.I.C.E method:

  1. R= Rest
  2. I= Ice
  3. C= Compression (taping, wrapping, or bracing with an elastic band
  4. E= Elevation

If the sprain enables a person to walk or get around, the may need crutches or a cane to move.

Try over the counter pain relievers

Stretching, strengthening, and balancing exercises

Working with a physical therapist or coach to help improve your movements

Although, the human body will start to heal itself, it would be much preferable to see a doctor or a specialist, to heal much quicker, so that you’re able to get back in the game sooner.