Succeeding One Stroke At A Time

Swim team improves, bonds through meets, practices

Izzy Solis, Reporter

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Senior and swim team captain Anthea Gonzalez’s hands grip the edge of the block. Her head bends down low. Adrenaline rushes through her, as her heart pounds and she breathes with unevenness. It’s hard for her to think. She can’t think, she doesn’t have time to. Her mind sets on the race ahead of her and only the race. It suddenly becomes silent and before she has time to register it her feet leave the block.

“I always get this mixed feeling of wanting the race to be over as soon as possible and not wanting to even step up on the block, but after a race there’s always that feeling of accomplishment,” Gonzalez said. “In addition I get to see how I did, if I added or dropped time, if I scored points, etc.”

Last year the team started out with around thirty people, but went down to as low as ten as the team went through some hardships. This year the team is coming back strong and going back to that number of around thirty swimmers.

“It’s still kind of an adjustment, but I’m glad there’s a lot more people,” Gonzalez said. “It’s like we’re getting more additions to the family. I’m going to leave soon and I don’t want to leave this team with only six people. The bigger the team the better.”

Every day during the school week the swim team practices from 6:30 to 8 in the morning at the YMCA. They also practice over Thanksgiving and extended holidays like Winter Break as well. The swim team’s practices include drills, sprints, individual medleys, dives, turns, kicking and more, all intended to help streamline the swimmers’ efforts.

“I believe the amount of effort I put into practice is what I’m going to get out during the swim meet,” junior Adrian Chavez said.

Not only does the swim team bond over practice, they also bond through swim meets as well. Before most swim meets there is usually a pasta party where the team mates get together two days before a meet and eat pasta together.

“Pasta parties are really fun because we get to eat a bunch of free food and we get to hang out with friends on the swim team,” sophomore Jordan Mizell said. “Swim meets are really fun, we cheer each other on in races. This year is just like last year, going back to my old home.”

This year the swimmers say they hope to improve their times and strive to be the best they can at their meets. Meanwhile, they’ll still retain that family bond and strong support system that has been established throughout the years.

“It’s swimming as a team that make us faster,” sophomore Austin Jenkins said. “Competing against other swimmers is what leads to improvement and without my team I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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Succeeding One Stroke At A Time