Flashback Friday: “The Never Ending Story”

Lexus Palacios, Reporter

“The Neverending Story” is a movie released in 1984, rated PG for violence. The movie is categorizes as a Kids & Family film, as well as Science Fiction & Fantasy. This movie is for the imaginative, creative minds, and has quite a few tropes common in adventure movies. A few examples of the tropes the movie exhibits are: life-changing events, the importance of the responsibilities placed on one person, and action.
”The Neverending Story” lights a fire in people that brings out the inner child inside of everyone, whether deep down or at the surface. Unfortunately, people watching this film nowadays would most likely be distracted by the graphics from that time. They are nowhere near as advanced as kids are used to now, and that would detract from the experience of watching it. This movie is a timeless classic, however, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
The movie starts off with a boy, about 10 or 11, who likes to read. Just like every bookworm or nerd in fiction, he gets picked on by the “cool kids”. Then he finds a book that takes him on an adventure, because the book he picked up was not just a normal story, it was The Neverending Story.
This movie has all of the people one would expect in an adventure film; and antagonist, protagonist, and all of the sidekicks they meet along the way. This life or death quest is a great movie for everyone to enjoy, and can be found on HBO on Demand, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and if anyone wants a physical copy they have them at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.com.. This film got a 7 out of 10 approval rating, and an 81% viewer rating.