Texas Bill Could Potentially Out Students

Senate Bill 242 would give parents total acess

Mikaela Alvarez, Reporter

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United States Senate
US Senate Chamber where bills are discussed

  Senate Bill 242 was introduced by Senator Konni Burton it outlined that parents have full access to their students records relating to the child’s general physical, psychological, or emotional well-being. It also stated that should an official fail to report any information that there were disciplinary action against that employee. However this broad statement has brought outrage among the LGBTQ community as it could also force school employees to out their students should their parents request such information, which could potentially place students in harm’s way. This thought came about as the bill came into response of a Fort Worth’s attempt at new guidelines about treating their trans-gendered students. Fort Worth declared that no teacher should tell the students parents about their gender identity without student instruction or approval. Burton was ‘outraged’ over the district’s attempt to withhold any ‘important’ information regarding their child. This bill is to be reviewed by the 85th legislative session which has resumed today January 25 2017

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