Teachers Fight Against Betsy DeVos

Lexus Palacios, Reporter

On February 7, Betsy DeVos was confirmed to be sworn in as the new education secretary, after Vice President Mike Pence broke the first 50-50 tie vote by Congress by voting in favor of DeVos. Teacher unions continue to fight against her plan for private and voucher schools, and are trying to get their voices out for the nation’s public schools.

Courtesy of Wiki Commons

Being that DeVos, as well as her children, have never gone to a public school, it’s no surprise that  National Education Association President, Lily Eskelsen García, has tweeted “We are putting #BetsyDeVos on notice. We are going to hold her accountable on behalf of our more than 50 million students. #resist”. Teachers are opposed to the implementation of more charter schools because resources for traditional public schooling is diverted to them. This will leave public schools with even less funding to provide an adequate education to some already struggling students.