Battle Field

Men’s varsity builds new relationships, focuses on new plays

Syeda Gilani , Editor in chief

Frustration runs through his head as senior Erik Hernandez thinks of the dribbling, passing, shooting and 1v1 practices, stressed by coach Winston Pool from the sidelines. The fast speed of the play puts his nerves in a tight spot but the stadium lights, the chants and his teammates keep him going.

“Every play is a battle,” Hernandez said. “The team that makes the least mistakes is the one that comes out on top at the end of the night. It urges for everyone to always play to the best of their abilities.”

The men’s varsity soccer team and Pool continue to work on their three goals divided into three sections; preseason, district and playoffs.

“Right now we are currently struggling,” Pool said. “We still believe we can turn it around and accomplish our goal. After losses I try to pick the team back up and stress the things we did well during the games.”

Remaining undefeated throughout the Woodlands Tournament, the team ended their preseason with a 5-1-1 record. However, during their district games, the team took several hits.

“Our team is very technical and loves to dictate our game on our opponents,” Pool said. “So far this team has handled adversity very well coming back twice from 2 goals down to get a tie. We also understand how tough our district is and that we must perform at a high level to accomplish our goals.”

According to senior Payne McKiver, as captain, he sees teamwork and sportsmanship as the biggest problem. As he practices, he tries to be vocal with his teammates.

“We are starting to realize that we can’t do it ourselves and we need each other to beat keep our title as District Champions,” McKiver said. “When we start passing, moving and connecting with each other, that’s when we will accel in district. I am encouraging my team and keeping them positive.”

Pool stresses the fundamentals of ball work during practice. Once the team completes their basic drills, they move on to 11v11 small games.

“I love teaching the team the different strategies and tactics of the game and how to move from one formation to another,” Pool said. “I also love teaching every player every position so when they are call on to perform they are confident that they can help the team.

As of now, the team’s main goal is to win Fifth Star and Fifth District Title, allowing them to make it to the regional tournament of the playoffs. Pool says his focus is on winning the state title.

“If you don’t dream big then it’s hard to accomplish it,” Pool said. “I want each of my players to have fun, build lasting friendship, graduate, and have a successful life. Our team sportsmanship is what I want our team to be most remembered by because no matter if we win or lose we will always respect the game, each other, and our opponents.”