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Crowds protest education, immigration

Emily Wolf , Reporter

Elliot Weems
After Trump’s election, people are protesting on a variety of issues. Citizens have come together in order to fight for the change they want to see, and fight against newly implemented changes.

Education cabinet choice concerns public school teachers due to inexperience

A solid education is the foundation for a successful career, and opens up a realm of possibilities for students. For decades, America has set the pace for public education. With the confirmation of

Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, however, that legacy hangs in the balance. American teachers are worried, and many have protested what they are sure is the worst decision in the history of education.

“It was disappointing to see DeVos confirmed,” said Elizabeth Ravdin, an AP Biology teacher. “We were close to not having her confirmed, and there was a hope it wouldn’t happen, but it did. She’s only ever been on one side of the equation, charter schools, and she has no idea what’s going on with public schools or what their issues are.”

Jeff Thomas, an AP World History teacher, agreed.

“I am very concerned about her confirmation. She’s highly unqualified for the position, she has no teaching experience, she has no educational degree. For someone in her position, she should at least have some public education background so she can address those issues.”

DeVos is widely considered the most unqualified secretary in recent history, and not just because of her preference for private schools. DeVos has never run a school, nor has she taught at one. She has little knowledge about important educational debates, and doesn’t seem inclined to learn. This early in her term, however, only time will tell the true effects DeVos will have on American education.

Immigrants protest Trump’s opinions through “A Day Without Immigrants”

On Feb. 16, immigrants made their presence be known- by not showing up at all. Individual citizens abstained from work, and many businesses shut their doors in support of the movement. A Day Without Immigrants, a national strike, was done with one goal in mind; make the nation take notice of just how important immigrants are. What makes the strike even more revolutionary is that it wasn’t organized by a single group, but rather by immigrants all across the country, both undocumented and naturalized.

“I think there is reason to protest,” said junior Rogelio Martinez, who is also a Mexican-American citizen. “I think I would participate in a protest..the one going on right now, the Day Without Immigrants, is where people don’t go to work and businesses shut down for the day to show they care about immigrants and that our economy would be weakened without them. Personally, I think the worst part of Trump’s presidency, and the part I’d protest, has been the Muslim ban. It targets specific countries that don’t have anything against the U.S, and are just trying to send refugees.”