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Environmental science class plans camping trip to Bastrop

Multitalented: Along with Environmental Science, Cooley also teaches an anatomy and physiology class. Pictured below on the left, she assists a student with a heart dissection, holding the heart in place.

Johnny Nguyen, associate editor

While the few students enrolled in AP Environmental Science can handle printed worksheets and traditional notes, the class anticipates the real upcoming challenge of the course: a camping trip to Bastrop.

“It’s been something I have wanted to do with APES for a few years,” AP Environmental Science teacher Michele Cooley said. “This year just seems to be the right time and the right group.”

The trip is planned for April 8 to 10, a two night trip to the Bastrop and Buescher State Parks. The class plans on going over basic camping skills like setting up a campsite, fire building, geocaching and even astronomy.

“We will stay in tents and be responsible for preparing all of our food,” Cooley said. “We will also be studying native plants and animals in the area as well as checking on trees we planted in Bastrop State Park in January.”

According to Cooley, the trip will increase outdoor appreciation through real practice, an idea other teachers support as well.

“I feel that hands-on activities and up-close experiences are the best way for students to apply what they have learned in class,” Earth and Space Science teacher Todd Head said. “While field trips are a great way to get these experiences, they are difficult to plan due to the cost.”