Strike Season

District leading varsity bowling teams aims to improve game, achieve goals

Caleb Wiesenhutter, Reporter

Hearing the cheers and encouragement of her teammates, junior Asia Wren steps up with a sudden flare of confidence to the lane. Ready to bowl a victory, she hopes to finish the game. The cheers grow louder, giving Wren just what she likes; support and encouragement.
“We all came together,” Wren said. “We needed a lot of strikes towards the end and the girls helped me feel better about my shot, and their encouragement helped me perform better.”
So far in the season, according to Head coach Tanja Wren, both the boys and girls varsity teams have excelled in their plays. Both teams currently stand first in district and individually, Wren leads the district with a 180 per game average. Junior Lochlaen Neurohr leads the boys with a 221 per game average.
“This season has been great,” Neurohr said. “We’re undefeated so far and everyone’s improved their averages and their overall play, and I’m hoping we can win district. I feel those goals would be things we could accomplish.”
In order to improve, Asia Wren said the team has focused on bettering their individual scores and looking to try and pick up spares when they can.
“They really help, because you can’t realistically get strikes all the time, and they help cover our frames,” Wren said. “It’s helped increase our scores, which help us win more and will help us get to regionals this year.”
Wren said that the team has also seen changes in attitude from last year to this year. She believes it will help them farther advance past district this year and in their individual plays as well.
“Our positivity has changed,” said Wren. “From last year to this year we’ve really connected better as a team. I’m hoping it can help us go to regionals and going to state would be even better, but we have to make it through regionals first.”