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Card game club brings students together, helps junior deal with academic stress

Tyler Chasteen, reporter

Most students would classify people who enjoy video games as “nerd” or “geek.” However, the Trading Card Game club members simply don’t care about that. They huddle around desks, facing one another, with cards of all types strewn across them, from Magic the Gathering, to Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon.
“The idea of a club began last year when some of my students were just looking for a place to play card games,” club sponsor Jenna Dela Cruz said. “The group would move from room to room. We finally decided that we should start a club for the next year.”
The club has been around since November of last school year, and has since gathered many new members. Despite this growth in membership, the club is always glad to have more members.
“Well I started to play Yu-Gi-Oh in eighth grade, I knew other people that played, ” junior Caroline Vaupel said. “My older brother would kill me, but he’s the one that used to play when he was 10, he collected hundreds of cards. I was like ‘I should learn how to play this.’ So I did.”
The club is a way to meet new people and learn about other card games.
“It gives you a hobby to do, and a fun way to pass the time,” Vaupel said. “Plus you get to meet new people. Since it’s an interest based club, you already have something in common with everyone there! So it is easy to start of conversations. And when everyone is playing games, it is fun to talk and just have with new people.”
The club hasn’t only helped its members make new friends or learn new card games.
“I guess it has just given me a break in the midst of a very busy school year,” Vaupel said. “Getting to go and learn new games and talk to friends has let me be more relaxed than when I’m just focused on my academics.”

By Tyler Chasteen
Junior Caroline Vaupel holding cards from “Magic the Gathering,” a fantasy card game she’s learning to play.