Wonderful Woodlands

Environmental Club, IB Prep freshmen plant 849 trees in Bastrop to restore forest after 2011 fires


Pam Bethke

Prepared to Plant: Juniors Christopher Gonzalez, Kevin Johnson and Matthew Wells get ready to make a hole to plant their sapling in.

Johnny Nguyen, associate editor

When they reached Bastrop, the Environmental Club members and IB Prep freshmen only saw a disheveled, yellow field, but hours later, one could find more than 800 saplings planted by the students, ready to start the lengthy growth process.

“The Bastrop forest is the only pine forest in America, so their goal was to try to plant 1,000,000 trees within 5 years,” Environmental Club member Destiny Brown said. “I feel accomplished, and they want to invite us back.”

On Jan. 20, the Environmental Club and IB Prep freshmen travelled to Bastrop to replant trees in place of ones destroyed during the Bastrop fires in 2011.

“We got our tools, and then we went to the forest and walked down the path,” IB Prep freshmen Tara Huynh said. “Then, we got little plant saplings and dug a hole and put it in. We got tired after a while but it didn’t seem as bad because there were so many people and so many groups working together to plant all the trees.”

According to IB coordinator Andi Brosche, IB Prep students reported enjoyment for the trip afterwards. Brosche also expressed interest in introducing similar trips for the other levels of the IB program at Stony Point as well.

“They comment on how they had no idea that they’d be good at something like this until the day of,” Brosche said. “Overall, I think they learned that being open to a new experience is half the battle of learning. They got to experience the personal reward of service.”