Makayla’s Missions

Missionary trips motivate junior to grow in her life and her faith


Photo courtesy of Makayla Fiedelman

From her trip to Chicago, Fiedelman enjoys the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. It was the last stop on a three mile walk her church took in the heat. "It was pretty hot that day and I'm glad to have stopped to take in the view," Fiedelman said.

Alyssa Ochoa, reporter

From making 600 beds, packing lunch, and setting tables every day for the homeless, junior Makayla Fiedelman knows what it means to do things in the name of love.
“I really feel the need to go out and spread the word.” Fiedelman said. “I feel like it’s really important for people to know the gospel. It’s more of an experience for me as well as for them.”
Wholeheartedly satisfied by a mission trip to Chicago that she took last year, Fiedelman will make another trip in July, and this time, to Alaska.
“I’ve only done [missions trips] once and I really felt a calling to do it again.” Fiedelman said. “If I don’t go into teaching English, I want to go into missionary work, so I think that this is a good introduction to that.”
In Chicago, Fiedelman worked specifically to shelter the homeless.
“I was at a place called Pacific Garden Mission,” Fiedelman said. “It’s a big homeless shelter where they spread the word to homeless people. They clean them up and give them a place to stay.”
When she wasn’t helping the homeless, she roamed the streets praying for people, but also got a chance to explore a completely different environment. While she enjoyed helping in Chicago, Fiedelman couldn’t help being homesick.
“Going to Chicago was really hard for me,” Fiedelman said. “The second day that we were there I was crying my eyes out and I was like ‘I don’t know why I’m crying, it’s because I miss my family.’”
Fiedelman’s siblings, Morgan and Deanna, will accompany her on her next mission trip to Alaska, which she has been raising money for mostly through her bake sales at school.
“I have to raise a lot of money,” Fiedelman said. “[The church] has some fundraisers going on right now, but a lot of the money I have raised is through my baking. I’ve been baking a lot and bringing those goods to school.”
Fiedelman bakes anything from muffins to cookies, bringing in the most of her fundraising money. So far, she has made $500 being from her baking.
“I think it’s really important for me to actually take initiative,” Fiedelman said. “If I don’t take the initiative to go and raise the money then what’s the point of being on a mission trip? I need some personal drive.”
Fiedelman is thankful for all of the people who have bought her baked goods, and she says that she is excited to go on her next missionary trip to Alaska.
“We’re doing a youth mission trip and they chose to go to Alaska,” Fiedelman said. “There’s been a lot of revival in the Native American tribes there so we feel the need to go spread that on. I’m really excited to actually go.”
Fiedelman says that going with her siblings is going to be an interesting experience for her. Fiedelman’s brother, Morgan, saw positive change in his sister after her return.
“It was life changing for her,” Morgan said. “She was nervous because she had never been so far away, but she was excited because she had been waiting a long time to go. [After returning] she was more upbeat and there was definitely a growth.”
Morgan hopes to have an experience like his sister on the upcoming trip.
“At first I might feel uncomfortable but in time it won’t feel unusual,” Morgan said. “It’ll be exciting and fun. I’m hoping to have a good time and do amazing things.”
Fiedelman knows that this next trip is an opportunity to grow more in her faith and make even more life changing experiences.
“This trip is about love,” Fiedelman said. “I wasn’t a very loving person, but I came back a completely different person, and it’s prepared me for this mission trip to Alaska. Actions also need to show love, not just words.”