PAC Progress

District to open on-site arts center for 2018-2019 school year dedicated to community shows, performances

Jenna Ruiz, Reporter

At the beginning of the 2018- 2019 school year, the district will open an auditorium on campus for the use of the fine arts academy. The auditorium will give fine arts students an appropriate place to perform.

“The auditorium allows students to engage in the community and how the community comes to those performances,” choir director Andre Clark said. “They can step their performance game up.”

This summer, the district will begin construction. The auditorium will seat 750 people for each event, allowing the fine arts organizations to hold bigger performances on campus.

“There really aren’t any negatives to having an auditorium on campus,” Clark said. “The space concerns in there are challenging but that’s a great challenge to work out because we don’t have a space currently that allows us to have more than 400 people at a time.”

Building an on-campus auditorium will not only help students express themselves, it will give teachers an opportunity to teach students in different ways by using a real performance space.

“As to how the VPA will change, it will give our visual and performing arts their own space,” academy coordinator Kevin Johnson said. “It will give them their own private space to practice and perform on, to form their skill privately and to do it in a professional atmosphere.”

Students look forward to using the auditorium to demonstrate their talents and skills to the community, from art exhibitions to more complex production shows like musicals.

“The auditorium will impact the school in many different ways that you can’t even imagine,” sophomore Darius Smith said. “It will give students a chance to express themselves in a familiar and comfortable environment that they can call home.”