Debate team pulls ahead with first two places

Tyler Chasteen

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The debate team has been cruising through their last two meets in San Antonio, thanks to junior Emily Wolf’s success in Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debate. Wolf has been a major part of the debate team’s successes, scoring first place at their meet at Earl Warren High School and third place as a speaker. “Earl Warren was the first tournament I ever placed first at, and I was really excited, but it was kind of bittersweet,” Wolf says. “The plan was to have me and another member on the team, Sam who’s a senior, both break to finals and me concede to him, since I was already state qualified, so he could qualify. Unfortunately he got knocked out in semi finals, so it was me against the girl who beat him.” Wolf was also able to secure a first place victory in LD debate again, at Claudia Johnson High School. She won through her early rounds without any losses, and has now been in the finals for her last three tournaments, winning twice. “We’ve been debating the topic [free speech at colleges] since the beginning of January and we knew the topic at the beginning of December,” debate coach Richard Colling said. “We’ve really been working on the topic for two and a half months. We prepared really the evening before, all evening long.”

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