Vision of the Future

Brandon Nila, reporter

Students are filling up the blacktop as the spring carnival begins. The class of 2020 members look at each other in confidence as students line up preparing to escape the seemingly impossible escape room.
“The club started last year when the second semester started and we did a few events with the time we had,“ club sponsor Carter Snelson said. “What made me want to become the sponsor of the club was the potential I saw in the students and how strong their passion was for making our school better.”
The class of 2020 members are thrilled about making a change in our school, even if you’re a rookie or a veteran you’ll have your eyes set on making the school a better place.
“I became the vice president for the club because I want to make a difference in our school,“ Vice President Tara Huynh said. “At the before school meetings we all contribute on how to make our school better and we also plan our events throughout the year.”
The club meets up every other Wednesday morning and it’s members of the club are preparing for their events in an effort to make better than last year.
“I feel like this year will be different,“ Secretary Marina Flores said. “Last year planning the spring carnival felt like a lot of weight on our shoulders because that’s the first we were put together for one big event but I feel like it’ll be different planning events this year because we’ve all had experience with working with each other.”
Planning events for the school seems to be one of the main motivations of the club, Snelson and Huynh would be the ones to lead the other members to their goal.
“There are so many things that we’re planning this year,“ Historian Nathaniel Marquez said. “Our main focus is going to be prom but we’re also going to do the winter dance and the talent, and I can’t wait to see how we work as a group this year.”
Talent shows and other events do come at a cost and the club is three steps ahead as they already plans on how their going to get the funds for the upcoming events.
“Last year, when we started the club, we were broke,” Huynh said. “So we participated in the spring carnival and that’s where most of our funds came from last year. This year we’re looking to do the same thing but we’re also going to sell shirts and we’re hoping with that, it’ll attract more people to our club.”
Huynh and the other club members actively work to recruit new people by having events and promoting the club.
“I think getting more people into our club would help us out tremendously,” Snelson said. “Even though we’re mainly focusing on prom and other stuff we still want to make a difference in our school and having more people would help that.”
This group has a busy schedule ahead of them this year and they’re going to make this one students won’t forget.
“My favorite memory from last year was planning the freshman dance,” Flores said. “It was a really big event and it was really fun because everyone had great ideas and we all worked good as a group and I can’t wait to see how we have improved as a group this year.”