A New Bead

Tess Howicz, Staff Reporter

Are you creative and have free time after school? Do you have a past or interest in making jewelry? If so, why not join the new Jewelry club! Started by co-leaders Lily Perkins and Samurai Telfort, this club promises to be a fun activity for people interested in the craftsmanship of jewelry.

“I saw it as a way for a few people to connect with a common interest,” club sponsor and teacher Molly Perkins said. “Last year, we celebrated Pie Day and one of the activities we did was making bracelets where every number of pi was represented by the color of bead. A lot of my students asked me to leave the beads in the classroom so they could make more jewelry and got excited when I taught them some skills during free time.

This extreme intrigue in jewelry among their peers inspired sophomores Lily and Samurai to start their own club. They saw the unity it brought to the students and wanted to share that with the rest of the school.

 “It can allow people to find something they can do and be excited about after school,” Perkins said. “I also think it will help motivate students who don’t like school to have a reason to go.

Members of the club will learn a new skill every meeting and will be guaranteed to bring a new creation home every time. The club is purely student run, so it encourages fellow members and outside students to share their talents.

“We don’t know how to make every type of jewelry, so we have members of the club offer to teach certain skills,” Telfort said. “In the first meeting, one girl offered to teach how to make earrings and I think it will be interesting to learn from others.”

The first official meeting only had about six or seven students attending. The classroom was filled with a lively and creative atmosphere. Although they started simple  with regular friendship bracelets, the smiles and laughter from the group made up for the empty space. 

“Making jewelry was more fun with my friends,” junior Paulina Rodriguez said. “It reminded me of when I used to make colorful bracelets and necklaces with my Grandma when I was younger. 

To have the best experience possible, the leaders ask for a fee of $20 from newer members so they can buy supplies for each meeting. The club does plan on selling their creations for special events on holidays, so the required fee should be  temporary. They also accept donations of supplies from people who cannot pay the fee.

“We were thinking about  making christmas themed jewelry and selling each for about $3-5. The price depends on how long it took to make the jewelry because some can take a really long time,” Perkins said.

The jewelry club hope to have up 30 members by the end of the year and share the uncommon art of jewelry. They host their meetings in room C284 every first and third Thursday after school from 4:30 to 6. 

“The more options that Stony Point has for different interests is always a good thing.”