Paying It Forward




Many students hurry through high school without knowing the valuable life lessons they can get from participating in our schools clubs. For instance The Pay It Forward Club, they help not only students in need of food or clothes, they also help out our custodian staff.

“The club is about volunteer work, the whole idea of the club is to do something for someone else without expecting something in return, “sponsor of the club Hans Schreck said. “We will buy turkeys and pies for the custodian staff during Thanksgiving and we’ll wrap presents for Blue Santa during Christmas.”

The club has been picked up by Mr. Shreck and he has continued each tradition that was left by the old sponsor but has added a few more things. He tries to do the stuff his club members want to do, making the students have a bigger impact on the club.

“I really want to have the students input on what we’re doing throughout the year, Schreck said. “I feel like having their input on the activities we do throughout the year would get them more engaged into the club and they’ll really try to be more active in our community.”

Mr. Shreck and his students in the club are trying to put the club back on the map, as they have lost key members that were seniors last year which weighed heavily on them but they’re pushing through and trying to show the benefits of joining the club. 

“I feel like this is the experience students need before they graduate from high school, Mr. Shreck said. “It really is a life changing experience helping people out in need of clothes or food and seeing a warm smile on their face pushes you to do more in our school and community.”

Bringing clarity to this school is what The Pay It Forward club does, they make the most out of their time, always planning ahead so that they’re always ready to take on another project.

“My favorite memory from last year was the Blue Santa event during Christmas, Mr. Shreck said. “Wrapping presents for children who aren’t fortunate enough impacted me because I say my students enjoying the time they had wrapping the presenting and knowing that a kid will receive for Christmas fills me with joy.”