The Return of My Chemical Romance

Aftyn Cardwell, Staff Reporter

The early 2000’s were a much different time from now. People commonly used flip phones, memes still unironically used impact font, and the band My Chemical Romance was still together. Some of you may be asking “Who’s My Chemical Romance?” Well, My Chemical Romance, otherwise known as MyChem, or MCR for short, is a rock band from Newark, New Jersey. They had a huge impact on music, art, and the lives of people in the early 2000’s and even now. Their breakup in 2013 caused heartbreak among millions. Even years after their breakup, in the comments of their music videos on YouTube or videos related to them, you could find people reminiscing of the old days or younger fans wishing they had known who they were before. Some fans even said that they feel heartbroken when they hear the first note of MCR’s song “Welcome to the Black Parade” and anytime they heard it they would claim they got “G-noted”. All of this changed on October 31. On this day, MCR announced a reunion show in LA on December 20th. This made their fans go berserk. Directly after their LA tickets went on sale, they sold out in 2 minutes. Sure, the venue only holds 6,300 people, but only 2 minutes? This band has been broken up for 6 years! And the same exact thing happened to two of their UK shows. As of January 29th, MCR announced a North American stadium tour, and as of February 2 they sold out every show. That’s astounding. Now, there’s been many questions made about this whole reunion. Why is this whole reunion happening? Was this the band’s decision or a decision made by their company? Are they just fishing for money? Is there going to be a new album coming out? Is this the only tour they’ll be doing? Nobody really knows besides the ones behind it all. They’ve subtly teased the idea of a new album on videos posted to their YouTube Channel. Specifically on their most recent video, “A summoning…” which is a 13 minute short film of a young man going through different doors representing eras of MCR. At the very end he goes through a fifth door which is an era that doesn’t exist yet for MCR, possibly representing a fifth album. Many fans have also noticed that in their text for their videos they replace any “u” with “v,” which is 5 in Roman Numerals. This could also be a hint towards a fifth album. That could be considered quite a stretch, but with how cryptic MCR is being right now, any sort of speculation can be seen as so. It’s impossible to see what the future holds, think about it, several months ago most people settled on that MCR would never be getting back together, now look at what’s happening. There’s just no telling where this will go next, but for now, “So long and goodnight.”