Activities To Do During Quarantine

The online school year has finally come to an end. However, COVID-19 is still a rampant problem in America and many summer activities have been cancelled or postponed due to the virus. Most students will be stuck at home for the majority of the summer with not much to do. It is also apparent that not all families can afford the latest Nintendo Switch games or movies to keep them entertained. Therefore, here are a few suggestions on how to stay productive during this hard time.

Exercise is one of the most important parts of a daily routine. According to studies, it is important for a human to get at least thirty minutes of sweat inducing exercise everyday. Summer activities such as summer camps or going to the local pool or gym usually cover this, but due to social distancing these are no longer an option. To counter the sudden lack of exercise opportunities, students should go on a morning or mid day jog around their neighborhood for at least thirty minutes everyday. As long as they are not going to crowded locations and put on protective gear such as masks, going on a quick jog will not hurt. In fact, it will help them wake up and get adrenaline going everyday. If they are scared to go outside, it is still possible to get exercise inside their house by following workout or yoga videos. Anything that will help keep them moving throughout the day and produce dopamine is good for everyone in isolation. Dopamine is known as the “happy neuron” and it helps battle depressive thoughts that might come from long periods of isolation. Exercise everyday to make this neverending lockdown just a little bit easier.  

Summers are known for their lack of routine, but due to COVID-19, homeschooling has become known for it as well. While this may seem daunting to some, this is a perfect opportunity for students to learn what college is like. Colleges do not have a set seven hour schedule for all their students like high schools. This lockdown will help students learn how to manage their time and how to keep themselves occupied everyday. At the beginning of each week, try making a schedule. This can include summer homework hours, exercise time slots and free time. This will not only make summer homework, such as learning how to drive and SAT practice, easier, but will also help make time for hobbies and other activities. It can be anything: makeup, drawing, sculpting, coding, literally anything they have an interest in. Keeping up with hobbies is a good way to productively pass the time while also getting the brain working and learning something they truly enjoy. Students could also spend their time researching something they are curious or passionate about. This research could help them find out what field they want to study in college and which schools provide that type of education. College for many students may seem far away now, but the time will come soon to make a decision about their future and it is better to get head start now while we are all locked in doors.

If students can socialize with their friends and family through calling, texting or video, they really should. The world is in such a state of disarray currently and no one knows what the future will hold. COVID-19 is not a virus to scoff at and can infect and be deadly to anyone, so spending a few minutes every week making sure the people they care about are safe will help their mental health. Spending most of the day playing video games is unadvised for anyone because it will not keep them active enough throughout the day. However, if they do play for a couple hours with friends, it will be beneficial because it will help them get some much needed outside socializing that school would have provided. If outside communication isn’t an option, this is the perfect time to get some family time. Play a game or do projects with them to pass the time. It will help them bond more with the people closest to them and talk out problems that may have not been solved yet. Socializing is necessary for humans to stay sane and just because we can’t physically can’t see someone doesn’t mean we can’t find other alternatives.

It is important to take these suggestions into consideration because the longer everyone stays at home doing nothing the harder it will be to adjust back to normalcy. The future is unknown and no one can tell how long the quarantine will last because the infection rate in America is still increasing rapidly. Make a schedule that will help students stay productive throughout these long weeks while also following safety measures like avoiding crowded areas without a government requested mask and washing their hands on a regular basis.