Invest In The Future


Courtesy of Pixabay

Thousands of people have lost their only source of income in a span of weeks due to the lockdown. Although the government has been trying to help by giving out stimulus checks, for some it’s still not enough to survive. Junior Arnav Hiray saw this current problem and decided to help students avoid this issue by creating an online stock market course for all who want to invest in their future. 

“I noticed that so many people were struggling during COVID-19 because they are not financially literate,” Hiray said, “ Japan, for example, promotes investing in the stock market more than the US and a lot less people are struggling financially due to the pandemic.”

Hiray has spent the past four years in the stock market world. He participated in online classes and built up his investment portfolio. He also participates in many investing competitions that sometimes offer more than $100 in prize money.

“We should be able to think of long term goals,” Hiray said, “The top one percent do what the other 99 percent don’t and I believe investing in stocks will help myself and others secure our futures.”

His beginners course has three classes per week over Zoom for four weeks. He promoted his unique course through social media and a message sent out by US History teacher, Mr. Adams. About twenty students ranging from seventh graders to seniors participated in the course.

“I’ve known Arnav since middle school, so I wanted to support him,” Junior Chirara Guirigay said, “I do wish we were all there together, but with social distancing it’s the best option.”

Hiray started his course in early May and plans to finish the course by early June due to AP testing occupying most participant’s time. During his hour-long lectures, he teaches the importances of stocks to students, helpful tactics of receiving a passive income and how to properly build a valuable and diverse portfolio.

“At first I was overwhelmed, but I really liked the visuals of the slideshow and he was able to answer all of my questions during the lecture,” Junior Emi Matsumae said, “He goes really in-depth in his explanations of terms and the more complicated parts of the stock market.”

After the four week course, Hiray doesn’t plan to stop. He started a blog on  and plans to start his own stock market platform called “Stocktalks.” The platform will be available to everyone and will provide potential investment opportunities as well as more lectures for people who wish to learn more about financial literacy.

“I’m hoping they all learn something from the class,” Hiray said, “If they can’t remember everything, at least they will be more financially stable and realize the importance of diversification and income beyond work.”