Among Us Wasn’t Ejected

character from game in space

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character from game in space

Among Us isn’t new to the gaming industry, unlike most would assume.. It has been out for over two years and is just now gaining in popularity. Innersloth, the company that created Among Us, said that before their huge increase in popularity, the game would only have about ten active players every month. Now, they are hosting about three million players each month. The rise in popularity was due to many famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers discovering the game and featuring it on their videos or during their streams. This also became convenient for many because they were stuck in quarantine.

The game isn’t a new concept. Every kid growing up has played some murder mystery game with their friends at some point, whether that be the board game, “Clue,” or the real-life game ”Mafia.” Among Us is the same, just in a video game format. It consists of one to three impostors who are trying to stop the other players, crewmates, from completing tasks around the map. 

Overall, it’s lots of fun. Getting to play with friends or even with random players creates an exhilarating atmosphere where everyone is either trying to prove someone is guilty or prove their own innocence. The game can provide hours of entertainment. Among Us also allows the player to make a private lobby and play with your friends. Some problems with the game included many bugs and online players that ruin rounds.

Originally, the game wasn’t designed to host over 100 users, but now they have a player base of over three million people. This causes many bugs, such as the game crashing, or there being two players of the same color which can make trying to prove someone either guilty or innocent extremely challenging. This will take some time to fix, but until then, most people are still going to play.

The other problem is that online players ruin matches by playing on a call with friends and revealing their and other’s positions in every round. This defeats the entire purpose of the game. Lastly, the game will start to feel repetitive after a while. The game doesn’t provide any other modes other than the core gameplay. This can be avoided, however, by other players coming up with their own game modes with their friends. 

Among Us’ flaws are very common in online-based games. Considering that Innersloth consists of only three people, they are doing fairly well. The game is enjoyable, especially when played with friends, and there aren’t many issues that ruin the fun while playing. This game has earned 9 out of 10 stars due to the issues in the game. It was designed very well and the game is something that can bring people together during quarantine, safely.