Pandemic Pause


While most students fear their grades, others fear the pandemic. They fear how to protect themselves and their loved ones. The school district has had to close the school due to a huge rise in cases. However they have reopened the schools and cases are still rising. Because of this, the school district should rethink their decision on opening the school while still dealing with this pandemic.

There are still high levels of coronavirus cases In Texas alone with over 12,444 deaths. Many other school districts have had to quarantine after reopening or close completely.  Because of this constant shift of reopening and closing, there has been a lot of disruption in academic and athletic schedules. A school in Indiana closed after testing positive as well as a school in Georgia, which had to quarantine nearly 1,200 students and teachers. The students fear that the school will not have that much restriction. It’s clear to see that until we have a working vaccine schools should remain closed to keep students safe.

Many students have chosen not to return back on campus learning due to the rise of  cases. The school does not have enough materials to protect the teachers and students, such as hand sanitizer, masks, face shields, and other items. The country is in short supply of these items due to cases reaching an all-time high. After lifting covid restrictions , Texas cases started to rise which caused hospitals to be full. This in turn caused complications for the health care workers to help the patients.  Due to this, the school shouldn’t open because hospitals need the materials more. 

One way to help with the school reopening is to wait until cases to go down more frequently and participate in online learning from home instead. Another way is the school should require students and staff to get tested before returning to on campus learning. One day students will be able to go back to school. But until then, schools are not ready to go back to in-person learning. The school district  should re-close due to the continuing rise in cases For those who choose the on-campus learning option, they need to wear their masks properly at all times, wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer frequently, maintain social distancing of six feet, and avoid going on campus if they have any cold symptoms.