Stony Point wins 1st game of the season against Copperas Cove 69-27!

Awab H., Sports Reporter

Before the game, the Stony Point seniors and football team were introduced and so was the Copperas Cove football team. The Stony Point and Copperas Cove cheerleaders performed to entertain their fans. The Stony Point NJROTC performed on the field for a little while. The Stony Point and Copperas Cove bands play the school songs. The Stony Point and Copperas Cove football teams ran out of their mascot tunnels while raising their flags and running on the field. The Star-Spangled Banner was played to bring patriotism to everyone.

Copperas Cove kicks off the start of the game. Stony Point made their 1st down and so did Copperas Cove. The two bands from Stony Point and Copperas Cove High Schools play a tune every time their teams do something great during the game. Stony Point leads the 1st quarter 7-0 by scoring their 1st touchdown. Stony Point fans were happy and cheered. Suddenly, Stony Point made their 1st penalty so they had to move 20 yards towards their goal. Copperas Cove also made their 1st penalty so they had to move 30 yards towards their goal as well. The Stony Point band played Uptown Funk while the Copperas Cove band played the NFL theme. Stony Point wins the 1st quarter 7-0.

Copperas Cove started the 2nd quarter by scoring their 1st touchdown, making the score 7-7. Stony Point scored 20 more points, making the score 27-7. The Stony Point cheerleaders performed a good show for entertainment. When there was 6 seconds left during the second quarter, there was a lightning storm alert and everyone had to evacuate Kelly Reeves to get to safety and the stadium was cleared with the concessions still going on. Some time after that, the game resumed and the fans returned to the stadium to watch the rest of the game. At the end of the 3rd quarter, Stony Point won the quarter 48-20. Then, when the game finished, the Stony Point Tigers won their senior night game against the Copperas Cove Bulldawgs 69-27! GO TIGERS!