It’s a Texas Thing


Left to Right: Kayla Moralez, Avery Perez, Kierra Hernandez, Lexi Boyer

Luca Gomez, Assistant Editor

On homecoming week, you can find people walking around with flowers that have ribbons, bells, charms, and many accesories hanging from them. These are mums, the great Texas Homecoming (HoCo) tradition. 


Mums are a very long and ongoing Texas HoCo tradition. You may find braided ribbons, cow bells, or even Whataburger charms on them. Each person’s mum is made to be their own! You can decorate it however you would like, most commonly decorated with bells, ribbons, your school colors, and, of course, charms to make it your own!

High schoolers are traditionally the ones who make and wear them, since homecoming is typically only a high school event. Although, anyone in any grade or any gender can make them!


Mums were originally something that a male would give his date, like a big corsage. They all were medium sized, not huge and not tiny. Slowly, they progressed into what we know them as today. Now, it is mainly the girls who make them, to show their school spirit! They usually get progressively bigger as you get older, making your senior year mum huge.