Campus Life After COVID


Montana Rayne Yeley

 Last year was our terrible COVID year at home, and although covid is still going on, school’s back in person this year. People have many opinions they want to share about being in person this year. Some are negative, some are positive but either way they are worth hearing.

I went around and asked students and a few teachers what they thought of this school year after last year. I had very mixed feelings coming from the people I interviewed. I had a few that were very scared and worried about this year and covid. However I also had a few people that were just glad to be back. For example I asked the question how does it feel being back at school with covid still going on? Mr.West, an art teacher at Stony Point replied “It’s good to be back in school with everybody of course I think this year is just even more uncertain than last year. That’s because it’s almost like you got this hovering over us but we’re not quite sure when we’re going to get out of this yeah, so it’s good and bad.” This shows people have mixed emotions about being back at school. 

Some people though are just glad to be back at school after last year. For example I interviewed Kaylee Powell a Junior at Stony Point asking the question “How has the change from virtual to in-person felt to you?” and they replied “Amazing! It actually went so much better than I thought.” This shows how some people were just glad to be back. However, on the opposite end, an interview that shows how people feel uneasy is an interview with an anonymous student here at Stony Point after I asked the question ,What has been the hardest part about being back to school this year? They replied “All the crowdedness  has been overwhelming ,especially with the pandemic. Some people go to extreme lengths to take care of themselves ,while some people refuse to just wear a mask. Also with online school I didn’t have to think about what to wear ,but now with judgy teenagers talking about everyone it’s like I’m walking on eggshells.” School this year is coming with many changes and new worries that we never felt before ,but there’s good as well in being back this year.