Football Won Light Up The Night Game Against Westwood 41-17 As 1st District Win!

Awab H., Sports Reporter

Before the game, Stony Point fans were highly encouraged to wear bright colored clothing to the game at Kelly Reeves Stadium. The Stony Point and Westwood teams warm up for the game. The rules for attending varsity football games were announced to all fans. The SPHS and WHS cheerleaders performed for their fans throughout the game. The Stony Point and Westwood alma maters were played by Tiger Band and Warrior Band. The Stony Point Tigers ran out of their football mascot tunnel, while running on the field and raising flags and Westwood did the same. The Star-Spangled Banner was sang to bring patriotism to all Stony Point and Westwood football fans.

Stony Point starts the game by kicking the ball to Westwood. During the 1st quarter, Westwood started gaining yards little by little, but they got a 5-yard penalty, even though they were stronger than Stony Point at that time. Lucky for Westwood, they scored a touchdown, making the score 7-0. Stony Point also got their 1st 5-yard penalty of the game, just like Westwood. Stony Point also received a personal foul, so they had to move 10 yards towards their goal. Westwood won the 1st quarter 7-0. During the 2nd quarter, Westwood received a 5-yard penalty, but they scored a field goal, making them lead 10-0. Even though Stony Point got a 1st down and scored their 1st touchdown, which makes the score 7-10, sadly, they received a 5-yard penalty and a foul, so they had to take a quick timeout to rethink their strategy. When they did their new strategy, they scored a touchdown, making the score 14-10. At this time, Stony Point had 2 timeouts, while Westwood had 3 timeouts. Stony Point is now improving very well. Stony Point scored another touchdown, which makes the score, 21-10. Suddenly, Stony Point received a personal foul, but after that, they decided to increase their speed. That did not work when Stony Point got a 15-yard foul, but what’s worse was when Cameron Cook got injured and had to be replaced by Kori Thomas. Luckily, Stony Point scored a field goal, which means they won the 2nd quarter 24-10.

During halftime, the SPHS and WHS bands, cheerleaders and dancers performed and it wowed the fans with lots of amusements. Both teams ran out of their football mascot tunnels to make an entrance for the 2nd half. Westwood started the 2nd half, and Stony Point scored a touchdown, making the score 31-10. Stony Point and Westwood each received a 5-yard penalty. Even though Westwood had that penalty, they scored a touchdown, which makes the score 31-17. Stony Point was about to quickly end up on Westwood’s side of the field, but due to illegal blocking, they didn’t. Lucky for them, they scored a field goal, which makes the score 34-17. Stony Point receives a 10-yard face mask penalty and a 5-yard penalty. Stony Point made a comeback and scored another touchdown, making the final score 41-17. Stony Point won their Light Up the Night game and there was a postgame show performed by the bands.