Football Completed Last Game Of The Season Against Vista Ridge

Awab H. and Awab Hassabelnabi

Before the game, Stony Point fans were encouraged to wear school colors to the game at Gupton Stadium. Stony Point and Vista Ridge warm up for the game. The reminder for following rules for attending varsity football games was announced to all fans. The SPHS & VRHS cheerleaders performed for their fans throughout the game. The SPHS & VRHS alma maters were played. The Stony Point Tigers and Vista Ridge Rangers ran out of their football mascot tunnels while running on the field and raising their flags. The Star-Spangled Banner was played to bring patriotism to everyone.

Vista Ridge starts the game by scoring their 1st touchdown and 1st field goal, making the score 10-0. Vista Ridge was doing very well during the 1st quarter, but Stony Point isn’t, unfortunately. Stony Point had a few penalties and it was hard for them. Meanwhile, Vista Ridge scored another touchdown, which made the score 17-0. The Vista Ridge Band played the Futurama theme because of their team’s excellent effort. The VRHS Project Graduation 2022 details were announced to the Vista Ridge fans. Vista Ridge scored a touchdown during the 2nd quarter, which made the score 24-0. Suddenly, Stony Point scored their 1st touchdown, making the score 24-7. Vista Ridge scored their last touchdown of the game, which made the score 31-7. Vista Ridge won the 1st half and there was a halftime show with SPHS dancers, the SPHS dancer of the week, VRHS seniors being recognized for their dedication and more. Stony Point started the 3rd quarter with a field goal, making the score 31-10. They also scored a touchdown, which made the score 31-17. Stony Point was now improving during the 2nd half. During the 4th quarter, Vista Ridge had a total of 2 downs. Stony Point scored a touchdown, making the score 31-24. The Stony Point Band played Uptown Funk. When the game ended, Vista Ridge won their Senior Dedication Night game 31-24, but none of the teams made it to the playoffs this season.