Girls Soccer Dominates McNeil In Final Home Game 3-1!

Awab Hassabelnabi, Sports Reporter

Stony Point’s Girls Soccer had their final home game of the season at Stony Point Tiger Stadium on March 7th. There were posters of the senior players, the JV team and the Varsity team hung on the metal fences near the bleachers. The Stony Point and McNeil teams warmed up for the game.  The McNeil and Stony Point teams were introduced. The Star-Spangled Banner was played to bring patriotism to everyone at the game.

Stony Point kicked the ball to start the game and scored a goal, which made the score 1-0. One of the team goalies stopped the ball well. Stony Point and McNeil had very good ball control skills. Stony Point made a few more attempts to try to score another goal, but one of the goalies was still very talented at stopping the ball. McNeil scored a goal, but it didn’t count because it was offside. Stony Point made a nice effort and progress. Stony Point won the 1st half 1-0.

There was a special boy dancer wearing a black hat, a glittery black jacket, glittery gray gloves and gold-striped black pants performing the halftime show. There was also music playing during halftime.

Stony Point and McNeil still had very great ball control skills. Stony Point continued to have very great effort and progress. There was a yellow flag on a play. McNeil scored a goal, making the score a tie 1-1. Stony Point scored a goal, and then another goal afterward, which made the score 3-1. Stony Point did very great at defending against McNeil throughout the game. Stony Point won the 2nd half and the final home game of this season against the McNeil Lady Mavericks 3-1!