Start of Stony Point Baseball Season


Nolan Brown, Reporter

Spring is just around the corner, meaning that the high school baseball season is starting up. The Stony Point baseball season started on February 20th with a home game against Weiss High School. The Tigers won 8-2 starting the season with a win and a 1-0 record. This was Coach Larson’s first win as head coach. He has served as the Stony Point assistant coach for 15 years, and was promoted to head coach before the start of the season. There is a lot of excitement this year for Stony Point, not only is this Coach Larson’s first year as head coach and there are 3 new assistants, Coach Vaugn, Coach Herrera, and Coach Cage. The players are excited and have high expectations.

 Anthony Landaverta, 11th grader, says “I  think we’ve really grown as a team. Our main goal is to make the playoffs.” 


12th grader Lawrence Lara goes a step further saying, “The expectation for the team is to go to the state championship, that’s the goal every year, that’s the expectation.” 

Stony Point has a tough schedule to open up the season with games against Allen, Lake Travis, Keller, and Reagan. This will prepare them for district games starting on March 7th against Manor. In order for Stony Point to make the playoffs, they need to finish top 4 in district. This will be a challenge because the district has many great teams, including Round Rock who has Travis Sykora. Travis Sykora, a RHP (Right Handed Pitcher) is a projected 1st round pick in the upcoming 2023 MLB draft. The Tigers are looking forward to the opportunity to play him.

11th grader Thomas Sprow says “Yeah I am, I’m really looking forward to seeing how our team can compete with really good pitching and see how we can better as a team.”

Jacob Rodrieguez, 11th grader, says “ I think it will be cool to see how our team does against a MLB guy.” “ I think it will be a cool opportunity.”

 Lawrence Lara is not only excited for the opportunity but is very confident. “We faced him last year, it was pretty easy. People kind of make it harder than it seems, but it’s pretty cool because when he pitches a bunch of scouts come to the games, and it really opens up opportunities for everyone.”

Stony Point baseball has also been trying to make differences off the field. The team visited Caldwell Heights Elementary and visited with the students. They were also there for the RRBL (Round Rock Baseball League) opening day greeting the little league players.

Anthony Landeverta says “ We have a motto within the program, be one with the community, and it’s really helped us grow as a team, as a community, and get closer with each other.” 

Jacob Rodrieguez says “Getting around little kids and being their role models, and getting to sign autographs for them and everything. I think it was a cool experience.”

Thomas Sprow says “It was really good, I really like inspiring kids.”

With the baseball season underway, there is a lot to be excited about for Stony Point. The coaches and players are excited for everything that will happen throughout the season and so should you.