Caleb Wiesenhutter
Hi all! My name is Caleb Wiesenhutter and I’m a 17-year-old junior sports journalist. I love sports and stay involved with them as much as possible, whether through playing or through journalism and broadcasting. I stay constantly involved within sports and have done so since the age of 4, as sports and specifically sports journalism and broadcasting are my passions. Currently I provide coverage and updates for Dave Campbell Texas Football and for 104.9 The Horn for the Stony Point Varsity Football team, and am the announcer for Hopewell Middle School 8th grade football.

I love all types of music, such as rap, country and 80’s rock and some of my favorite artists include Drake, Journey and AC/DC, and I enjoy being around my family and try to enjoy every moment I have! I have lived in Round Rock my entire life, and I love the area. I have a younger sister named Kylie who’s 15 and a younger brother named Casyn who’s 14. I’m excited to see what happens after high school, and hope you enjoy my work!

Caleb Wiesenhutter, reporter

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