Kat Weems
Since she was in the third grade, Kat Weems has been in love with words. She is fascinated with how a simple word or phrase and turn heads, or how a story can stir emotions.  She sees words as a gateway into a different world. Journalism gives her  a sense of purpose, like its what she's meant to be doing. She would happily write all day- if given the chance- because there are no boring stories in her opinion. She prefers to take in all of the information handed to her before judging anything or anyone. When she's writing- whether it be a story or a news article- she tends to zone out and ignore the world. She values others' opinions probably more than she should, and loves when someone opens a discussion about her written works.

Five Fun Facts:

  • She has a cactus named Susan.

  • Her hair color changes about every two or three months.

  • She does a lot of art for the Prowler Newspaper.

  • Her eyes change color with her mood.

  • She has a cat named Leeloo Dallas Multipass.

Kat Weems, Staff Reporter

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Kat Weems