Kayla Martin
Howdy, y’all! My name is Kayla Martin and I’m currently a Senior at Stony Point High School. My interest in literature sprouted in my elementary school years due to reading a lot of interesting books and said interests lead to my passion for writing that developed in middle school. This liking for writing mixed with my social activism in my early high school years thus leading me to my love for the newspaper! I enjoy writing because it gives me a strong sense of freedom and allows my creativity to roam without restrictions nor boundaries. I also like journalism because it allows me to keep up to date on current events as well as inform others about them in an unbiased way. Outside of writing and journalism, I’ve found that I’m very interested in the visual, performing, and culinary arts as well as taking a strong interest in psychology and criminal justice. I hope to become a criminal psychologist as well as a part-time blogger sometime in the near future.

Kayla Martin, Reporter

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Kayla Martin