Mikaela Alvarez
Yo, I’m Mikaela! I’m the art kid who's got different colored hair every month, and usually wearing some kinda pop culture merch. I was born and raised here in Texas my beginnings in South Austin before moving here to Round Rock during 5th grade. I’m 16 and attend here at Stony Point as a 1st year IB junior, which is the best and worst thing that I have ever decided. I like to spend my time perched somewhere (preferable a desk and my comfy chair) with my sketchbook and supplies, headphones blaring music and a cup of tea within reach.

My biggest goal right now is to keep up with my school work while working to make a name for myself in the art community. I’m trying to create a portfolio by the end of my senior year so that I can get into an art institute.

I own a cat named Beauregard but we call him Beau for short, I love him 90% of the time, the missing 10% is because he likes to wake me up 5 am demanding attention.

This is my first year in Newspaper but I hope to learn something new and have fun. I hope you enjoy my work and gain something insightful about the world. Cya!

Mikaela Alvarez, Reporter

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Mikaela Alvarez