Syeda Gilani
Stumbling down the sidewalk as her dad continuously pulls her off the road, 6 year old Syeda Gilani moves her eyes back and forth from her writing to the sky. She scribbles everything on paper, the beauty of the constellations, the light of the moon, the purple shade of the night sky.

She wishes to major in Aerospace Medicine and minor in Journalism. Combining the two, her dream is to work for the medicine/ research or the public communication department.  Her goal is to tell the stories of the great beyond and make people aware of the true beauty out there.

  • She lives for raspberry lemonade and subway

  • She loves the color black

  • She to travel ( hence the aerospace field )

  • She watches movies for a living

  • She loves meeting and talking to new people

Syeda Gilani, Section Editor

May 24, 2017
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Syeda Gilani