Tyler Chasteen
Tyler Chasteen is a sophomore at Stony Point High School who enjoys writing, drawing, and reading. His days are spent writing short stories about whatever may come to mind, or drawing what his mind's eye sees. Tyler's interests in writing in drawing are sparked from his mom's love for art and his dad's love for his education. Joining the newspaper was his way to not only write, but to write about others, their lives, and their stories. Aside from this, he still has a strong opinion on what he thinks is right. This is what drives him to learn, and to report on others around him: An insatiable appetite for an opinion to be heard.


Five Fun Facts
1. "I've met people from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany."
2. "I once had a kidney nearly fail in 2nd grade."
3. "I am deathly afraid of needles and shots."
4. "I love sci-fi."
5. "Nintendo is the center of my gaming world."

Tyler Chasteen, Staff Reporter

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Tyler Chasteen