Stony Point High School
2,604 students, 271 staff
1801 Tiger Trail
Round Rock, TX 78664
(512)-428-7243 Journalism Department


The Prowler is created to honestly and accurately record the events, occurrences and special topics from the current school year. The staff mission is to report with journalistic integrity for our student population, school faculty, community and readers beyond our local area, without bias to race, religion or social creed.


Letters to the editor and guest columns are welcome and will be published as space allows. Letters and columns must be signed. Due to space limitations, not all letters can be published. The paper reserves the right to edit letters and columns for grammar and clarity, and all letters and columns are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process, as is the remainder of the content of the paper.


The Prowler is an open forum for student opinion. Student opinion may not reflect the attitude of the staff, administration or board of trustees. Opinions in letters are not necessarily those of the staff, nor should any opinion be taken as the policy of the newspaper staff or the policy of the administration, unless so attributed.


The Prowler will run bylines on all stories expect the staff editorial, which is to be read as the opinion of the Prowler staff, and any story that would violate personal confidentiality of the writer.


Advertising space will be made available to local businesses, students and school organizations, for a fee. The student staff reserves the right to refuse advertising based on content appropriateness for Stony Point students. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute endorsement by the school, the staff as a whole or its individual members.


The Prowler is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the National Scholastic Press Association, the University Interscholastic League Press Conference and the Texas Association of Journalism Educators.


The 2013-2014 staff received: UIL ILPC Award of Distinguished Merit and Bronze Star, NSPA All American and Pacemaker Finalist, CSPA Gold Medalist and Silver Crown for print news.

The 2014-2015 staff received: UIL ILPC Award of Distinguished Merit and Bronze Star, NSPA First Class and Pacemaker Finalist for print news.


The Volume 14 Prowler Print Edition is a 12-20 page, tabloid newspaper produced by the Stony Point High School journalism department. 2,800 copies are printed each edition. The Prowler is distributed free of charge to all students and extra copies can be picked up in the school library. Subscriptions can be purchased for parents and community members by contacting the journalism department.